Strengthening Soft Skills through Support for Employee Professional Development


At our company, we have always recognized the importance of continuous development for our employees. That's why we decided to participate in the Support for Employee Professional Development II project, which is funded through grants from the Labor Office. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to enhance the soft skills of our employees and improve communication abilities within our corporate environment.

The entire training program within this project is divided into five areas, of which we have already completed the communication and leadership skills in June. In September, we are looking forward to the next module, which covers topics such as employee evaluation and motivation, teamwork, time management, and stress management.

During the communication training, our employees learned various techniques and strategies for effective communication, not only within the team but also with our company's clients. We were introduced to the vital art of active listening, which is crucial for understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. Additionally, we gained insights into the significance of clear and structured messaging, which minimizes misunderstandings and enhances the productivity of our work processes.

The second part of the training was focused on developing leadership skills. We were introduced to numerous techniques that would help us better lead our teams and inspire employees to achieve outstanding results. This segment of the training taught us how to delegate tasks efficiently, provide constructive feedback, and foster the potential of our employees through motivation and support.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in such projects. This initiative allows us to elevate the professional qualifications of our employees and take our services to a higher level. We believe that our decision to engage in this project will bring long-term benefits for our employees as well. We are determined to continue investing in the development of our employees and provide them with the best support for their professional growth.


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