Pickling and passivation of carbon steels

This treatment is done by dipping the parts in a pickling bath.
The following tank is available for pickling:

lenght (mm)  depth (mm)  width (mm)     No 
17 000  2 000   2 000 1 vana

Pickling is handled by a system of 8 overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 or 10 tons. For easier handling, the load capacity of selected cranes is divided into 2 cats. The halls are also interwoven with a system of tracks that are stainless steel in the pickling areas.

Packaging can be done in any way according to the customer's needs.

Ecology: To ensure ecological disposal and complete supervision of this process, a new modern neutralization station was established. The internal environment is treated by a special air-conditioning system with acid vapor absorbers which wash the exhaust air from the pickling areas.