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You already know that our company carries out pickling and passivation, blasting or the sale of pickling products. We would like to inform you about other superior services we offer our customers in the field of surface treatment. That is why we are creating this series, where in each episode we will introduce and introduce you to one of the services we offer.

Passing the order through production

As a company, we are aware that we are almost at the end of the production chain of your stainless steel parts. So we understand that it is important for you to receive your product from us not only in perfect condition, but also in a condition suitable for gentle handling and transport, covered or packaged to your liking. These requirements were already in mind when we designed the new pickling and passivation plant. The operation is divided into three parts: material receiving, pickling and shipping.

The receiving hall has its own foreman, who is responsible for the correct marking of the order, records the volume of material received, the number of pallets, boxes or baskets. In this hall, the master of the pickling plant and the technician of this operation also have their offices. They also release orders for production. This process involves assigning the appropriate technological procedure, coordinating order deadlines and allocating work to the workers of the plant.

The goods then go to the pickling area where the required operations are carried out and the material is moved to the last hall, the dispatch hall.

Due to the size of the operation, we concluded that finishing, drying and packaging of parts would be done better if these activities were handled by a select group of workers at all times and that this group was operationally separate from the pickling group. The shipping hall therefore has its own team of workers, a foreman and a quality control officer. Together they are responsible for packing and shipping the products according to your requirements.

Basic packaging

Unless the customer has special requirements for the handling and packaging of the parts, the products are packed in a basic way. For clarification and transparency of the services offered, this method is described in the technical conditions of work, which are available on our website in the download section. Basic packaging means using clean packaging material as a base for a pallet, crate, etc. Furthermore, the parts are placed on a pallet or in a crate, strapped to the pallet and, if necessary, the entire pallet or crate is covered with a clean PE film. This method of packaging is already included in the price of pickling. If your pallets, fixtures and crates are marked with the company name, we will always return the goods to you with the same shipping material.


Základní balení

Extra packaging

Because we understand very well what the demands are in certain areas of the industry nowadays for the appearance of the products you have pickled and passivated by us, our dispatch team is ready to carry out any superior packaging method. Therefore, EXTRA packaging can be ordered at an additional cost. This means that each part is packed separately, or the individual layers of parts are separated horizontally by cardboard. Also, the parts in each layer are separated from each other by cardboard or foil. In order to make us aware of your requirement, it is necessary to consult our technicians about the packaging method and also to indicate your wishes in the order.

Extra balení

Extra balení

We hope you will be satisfied with this service, we look forward to working with you and wish you every success for the second half of this year.

For the technical office Ing. Richard Kalný.

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