Blasting stainless steel metal surfaces with glass beads or corundum

This is a surface treatment in which the surface is blasted with fine ceramic or glass beads. The result is a uniform surface with a velvety appearance. This finish is increasingly used in a wide variety of industries. However, it only provides a visual finish, not an anti-corrosive one. In the case of a requirement for an anti-corrosive finish, blasting must also be combined with pickling.

To carry out this work, we have 4 blast chambers with lengths of 18,000 mm, 2x 14,000 mm and 11,000 mm. The other two dimensions are limited by a clearance height and a door width of 5,000 mm.

Handling is provided throughout the site by a system of 8 overhead cranes with a capacity of 20 or 10 tonnes. In the area in front of the blasting boxes, it is specifically a 20 tonne crane whose capacity is divided into 2 cats. The halls are also connected by a system of tracks. If necessary, we can arrange an external crane for handling.

Packing can be done in any way according to the customer's needs.