Customer audits


As a company that bases itself on the high quality of its services, we offer our customers the processing of material in various different ways. These processes result from our many years of experience and knowledge.

If a customer wishes to conduct an audit with us, it is beneficial for both parties. They will get to know the processes that we use and deepen their knowledge in the area of surface treatment of materials.

Together, we go through every step of the flow of parts in the company, from the sending of an order to us at the company, the subsequent inclusion in the process and processing of the material, to the final inspection and dispatch.

During the customer audit, you may familiarize yourself with the technological procedures and the production and quality control system. At the same time, you have the opportunity to inspect all areas of the production facility, and discuss individual requirements with the managers in all the departments.

During the last year, several companies performed audits at our company with positive results:

  • ŠKODA JS a.s (nuclear energy)
  • ROSTEX VYŠKOV, s.r.o. (components for railway transport and construction)
  • Workpress Aviation (aviation industry)
  • ML Produktion, s.r.o. (energy)