Pickling and passivation at the Brno pickling plant – Pickling can be done by submerging parts in pickling solutions or by spraying just as the subsequent passivation. The company also performs degreasing and conditioning of the surface for dipping in a pickling bath.

Pickling and passivation at erection sites or at the client’s place – This method is used for pickling and passivating parts that cannot be transported to a pickling plant due to their dimensions, weight, design or fixed position. We perform the work in a mobile pickling station. Our services include collecting and environmentally-friendly disposal of the waste water. We have all permits, approvals, authorizations and certificates required for our activities.

Blasting is a surface treatment whereby a surface is blasted with fine ceramic or glass balls. The result is a smooth surface with a satin finish. This kind of surface treatment is increasingly used in various industries. However, it only provides a surface finish, but not anticorrosive properties. If an anticorrosive treatment is required, blasting needs to be combined with pickling.

Pickling and passivation of piping distribution systems and piping assemblies.

During the 1990s, our company tried about ten different brands of pickling agent. ANTOX pickling gels, pastes, and solutions, made by a Swiss firm Chemetall, proved to be of the highest quality. After we started to buy these products in large quantities, the manufacturer offered us exclusive representation and the position of a distributor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This treatment is done by dipping the parts in a pickling bath.

We perform the chemical cleaning of aluminium, copper or other metals at our Brno pickling plant as well we at erection sites or at a client’s place.

These treatments are performed at our plant in Brno.

The focus is on the choice of technological procedures for surface conditioning and treatments, technical supervision etc.

We provide these services for our customers and clients in a simplified form free of charge.

In addition, we provide consulting on anticorrosion protection, authorized specialists on toxic and highly toxic substances etc.