1.Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for prosperity. Fulfilling the legitimate wishes of customers is the main purpose of our work.
2. The strategic goal of the owners and all employees of FK system - povrchové úpravy, s. r. o. Is the continuous improvement of all processes and the entire quality management system.
3.The primary requirement in the selection of suppliers is the quality of their supplies.
4.Motivated and responsible employees are a prerequisite for product quality, success and company culture.
5.Each co-worker contributes to the realization of our quality goals.
6.The agreed deadlines must be unconditionally met.
7.Achieving our quality goals is an important management task. When assessing the performance of all co-workers, the quality of work has special weight.
8.The high quality of our work cannot be achieved without order and cleanliness in all workplaces. The owners of the company will demand these basic elements of quality from all co-workers.
9.The quality of products with respect for the environmentally friendly behavior of the company is conditioned by the adequate quality of all processes.
10.Due to the technologies used, environmental protection is a priority for all employees of the company.

Done in Brno on 11. 6. 2020