About us / Environmental protection policy


1. Due to the technologies used, environmental protection is a priority for all employees of our company.
2. We are committed to complying with all environmental laws and regulations that apply to us.

3. We manage all our processes with the aim of sustainable development, reduction of the amount of waste produced, consumption of energy and drinking water, reduction of pollution of produced wastewater and air emissions.

4. We strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment by introducing new environmentally friendly technologies.

5. We are involved in the prevention of risks and pollution in order to prevent possible emergencies that could have a negative impact on the environment.

6. We encourage and motivate our employees to identify potential risks and, at every opportunity, strive to improve environmental performance and waste management in their workplaces.

7. It is in the primary interest of the company's management that every employee understands this policy correctly, and it is the duty of every employee to fulfill and support this policy and these goals.

Done in Brno on 11. 6. 2020

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