We’ve done pickling and passivating jobs on the most prestigious projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including the complete technological equipment, vessels, cladding and piping of the nuclear power stations JE Temelín, JE Dukovany, and AE Mochovce. We’re ready to collaborate with you, too.

We perform pickling and passivation of stainless steels, carbon steels, and special surface treatments to several degrees of purity.

I. Standard purity.

Parts and components for ordinary use in various industries.

II. Pharmaceutical industry purity

Tanks, equipment and piping distribution systems for the pharmaceutical industry, for example for water for injection, pure steam, purified water etc.

III. Purity for oxygen and high-purity media

Emphasis is laid on perfect degreasing, which is checked by several methods (bright white light, rub testing, UV lamp etc.)

IV. Nuclear power engineering purity

Maximum corrosion resistance is of paramount importance in this industry. ANTOX pickling and passivation product, which we use, have been approved by Nuclear Union (KWU) for use in the nuclear power industry.

All treated parts and components are subject to quality control and completion inspection to a 100% extent.