Antox NP

Application method

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Treatment time [min.]

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30 - 60

Coverage rate [1 kg]

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40 - 90 bm svaru

Amount [kg]




Scope of application

It neutralizes pickling pastes containing hydrofluoric acid that are used for pickling alloyed stainless steels such as Antox 3d, Antox 71 E and Antox 71 E Extra.


Read safety instructions before use. Stir Antox NP well. Before finishing the pickling process, apply to areas treated with pickling paste Antox 3d, Antox 71 E or Antox 71 E Extra and mix well with the residues of these pastes. The neutralizing process is finished when no more blisters are created. Then rinse with min. 12 MPa pressure water. Keep rinsing until the pickled surface and rinse water are pH neutral.


Any collected rinsing water must be disposed of ecologically. Either use own waste water treatment plant (consult the plant operator) or engage a specialized company to dispose of it.

Coverage rate

Effective neutralization can be achieved using approx. the same amount of neutralizing paste as the pickling paste that was used.


Antox NP is shipped in 2 kg packages.

Contact causes serious skin and eye burns!



Store locked up, out of the reach of children.
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.


In the event of skin contact:  Immediately wash the affected area with plenty of water and soap and rinse thoroughly.
In the event of eye contact:  Immediately rinse out the eyes with the eyelids open for 15 minutes using running water, and seek medical help.
If swallowed:  Do not induce vomiting! Immediately seek medical help and show the packaging or this label.

R 36 Irritating to eyes


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